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Condo Association Insurance from The Bakker Agency

Customized Insurance Programs to meet the unique needs of Condo Associations in Connecticut and across the United States

Managing a Connecticut Condominium Association is complex.

You’re focused on building and maintaining your community and the relationships that make it special. You take your responsibility to protect the Association, its assets and its members seriously.

Your Insurance partner should help you prevent future issues, reduce friction with members and protect the individuals who work hard to ensure the community continues to thrive.

Our unique approach to managing Condo Association Insurance will help you protect your assets so you can focus on building your community. We concentrate on minimizing the costs and unique risks associated with operating Condominium Associations. Working directly with the Board of Directors, the Property Management Companies and the individual condo unit owners helps ensure seamless insurance and claims coverage for all parties.

We worry about the insurance, so you don’t have to.

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What do you have to lose?

Don’t let a loss or lawsuit put at risk the community that you’ve worked so hard to build.


Cost: $120,000, Defense Costs

A visitor to the Association tripped and fell on a cracked sidewalk while walking into the community clubhouse sustaining a significant knee injury that eventually required corrective surgery. During the investigation it was discovered that the cracked sidewalk had been reported to the Association 6 weeks prior to the accident but had yet to be repaired, resulting in a lawsuit.


Cost: $100,000

A Property Management firm’s employee had been stealing Association dues from Community Associations over the course of several years. Once the theft was uncovered, it was discovered that over $300,000 of dues were missing. The Property Management company’s Crime Coverage covered up to their limit of $200,000 and the Associations were left to replace the difference.

Directors and Officers Liability

Cost: $660,000 Defense Costs

Following a Board of Directors election and member challenged the validity of the election. The Association decided to hold another election to settle the dispute. More problems arose as the original Board of Directors refused to step down resulting in a lawsuit between the Association and the Board of Directors to determine which group should be allowed to keep their positions.

The proper Master Condominium Association Insurance Program will protect the Association members, your Directors, your employees and contractors from unforeseen circumstances that could leave both individuals and an HOA insolvent.

Protect what matters most.

What people say about The Bakker Agency


The Bakker Agency is always there to help out our Condo Association. Everyone is very helpful. They respond to my requests in a timely manner. I have personally used the Bakker Agency in the past with ease.

Condominium Association Client since 2006

Our properties represent often complex insurance issues including zoning, age, type of property and such. We've been clients of The Bakker Agency for many, many years. Never has there been an issue around their ability to manage these complex issues well, professionally, efficiently, cost-effectively, and in a timely fashion. We've never had a complaint. We're delighted with the service we've received and are happy to unreservedly recommend The Bakker Agency.

Condominium Association Client Since 1989

Our Condominium Association has had the Bakker Agency for many years. It's the only agency that I can remember and I have been with the association for years. They always look out for our best interests. All of the employees are experienced and extremely friendly. We wouldn't know what to do without the Peter Bakker Agency.

Condominium Association Client Since 1997

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Important coverages

While all condominium associations have unique coverage needs, there are several important coverages to consider:

General Liability

Provides broad coverage for the kinds of accidents that can occur at your complex

Property Coverage

Provides protection against covered perils for the common areas of the building like the roof, elevator, basement, courtyards or walkways

Ordinance & Law Coverage

Protects you against changes in codes, laws and ordinances in your town that need to be addressed in the event of a loss

Directors & Officers Coverage

Protects directors and officers of the condo association if they are sued as a result of their performance on the board

Back Up of Sewer or Drains, or Sump Overflow

Provides reimbursement for damage related to a sewer or drain backup


Provides coverage for the theft of association funds or for other financial misconduct by an association board member

Equipment Breakdown

Covers damage and loss of income caused by a breakdown of covered equipment

Workers Compensation

Protects employees who work on the premises from the costs of work-related illnesses or injuries

Umbrella Liability

Provides additional protection on top of your primary insurance against large liability claims

A strong Association Insurance Program will provide both property and liability coverages for any spaces in the complex that aren’t owned by the individual unit owners of the Connecticut association complex, the Directors and Officers of the Association and any workers the you may employ.


What to Expect

If you’re looking for an insurance partner that takes a personal approach to understanding your risks and developing insurance programs that protect your business and lifestyle - Bakker Insurance is the agency of choice.



Specialty expertise:


Deep industry understanding coupled with insurance expertise and access to the best carriers in the space.



Progressive consultation:


We take the time to understand you and your business needs beyond the insurance. We ask smart questions and listen effectively.



Unique relationship approach:


Personal insurance management by real humans who know you and what you value most.



Loss Control:


We help you protect your assets, employees and business goals. An effective loss control program helps you reduce potential losses and the costs associated with them.

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Protect what matters most to you

We’ll worry about your insurance so that you can get back to your business and life. Speak to an expert today.

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The information contained on this website is for information and illustration purposes only. All, some, or none of these coverage’s may be on your current policy. If you have a question about your current policy or what coverages you need, please call the agency.